Skin Deep

Skin Deep

Thrilled to announce my new project ‘Skin Deep’ has received funding from Arts Council England. Thank You!

Skin Deep represents three generations of a single family living in the UK: a 94 year old grandfather, his 54 year old son and a 19 year old granddaughter of mixed heritage 

It is a study of the human face tracing pathways across an ever-changing landscape and expressed in the form of digital portraits and sculpture set into an augmented reality environment. Visit the Blog to see the work as it develops.

Skin Deep challenges the prevailing historical narratives of western portraiture and questions contemporary identity in a globalised world where cultural and national definitions are increasingly blurred.

The finished project will be exhibited in the virtual 3D Gallery at the end of March 2021. Additionally the AR Gallery will allow you to interact with the work in your own space using augmented reality.

Project website: