Coracle Run 1779

Coracle Run 1779

Console Game

‘Coracle Run 1779’ is a console game set in 18c Telford, commissioned by the Ironbridge Coracle Trust. The above trailer is edited from in-game footage.

Row a coracle down the River Severn under the shadow of the iconic Ironbridge and try your hand at some sneaky poaching. But beware, the land owner is always on the look out for trespassers.

To try it for yourself, pay a visit to the New Coracle Shed at the Green Wood Centre, TF8 7DR.

Game Design & Programming: Sakab Bashir
Joystick: Deta Ward Urbanhax
Testing: Alfie & Tilly Cox
Director: Graham Peet

Ironbridge Coracle Trust is a small voluntary charity which is working to preserve the story of coracles in the Gorge. It has set up a small free museum to tell the story.

Visit the website for more info: